The Official Home of Marmoset Day

Every February 2nd, at midnight US Eastern time, we celebrate the fuzzy small animal and hope it doesn’t see it’s shadow.

If it does, we won’t know anyway, and that doesn’t matter in the slightest.

Feel free to join us in the eternal celebration!


The History

One cold winter night, after copious amounts of food and lubrication were imbibed by the residents of a certain home on Ludlow Road, Cleveland, Ohio, a question arose.

Taffy Epstein in her apartment in Cleveland.

It was about to be February 2nd, and wasn’t that a holiday?

Why yes! It was the holiday of some small, furry animal!

A Marmoset!

Of course! What else could it be?

Thus began a tradition that continues beyond death.

Marmoset day was invented by Uncle (sic.) Harvey, Susie, and Stevie.  It was invented on a Monday night.  Taffy was working in the Old Arcade and not at home.  We lived at Ludlow Rd. and we could not remember the name of the holiday, so we called it Marmoset Day and left messages for Mom written on Uncle Harvey’s cardboard liners which came with his folded shirts which were washed and ironed by Kreiger’s Cleaners.  I cannot remember the year.

Also, Scotch-cicles were invented that night which we left in the freezer for Mom as a Marmoset Day present …

— Stevie Epstein

The Rules

  1. EST is the time to be observed
  2. ILLNESS – even death bed does not eliminate you from participating from winning or losing
  3. No more pre-fone calls pleading non-participation
  4. Baloons are acceptable
  5. Answering messages are great, but do not qualify